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screw type sludge dehydrator

These articles are all highly relevant screw type sludge dehydrator. I believe this information can help you understand screw type sludge dehydrator's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Oct
    Welcome South Asian customer to Ryde Environment to inspect screw type sludge dehydrator

    On October 19, 2018, Customer from South Asian came to Ryder Environment for a field visit. Amy, the manager of international business development Department of Ryde Environment, expressed warm welcome to customer from South Asian on behalf of the company. The customer inspected the screw type sludge dehydrator, external fed rotary drum screen, DAF equipment and other machine made by Ryde Environment.

  • Nov
    The screw type sludge dehydrator made by Ryde Environment Successfully Exported to Southeast Asia

    On November 15, 2018, a set of screw type sludge dehydrator equipment ordered by Southeast Asian customers was successfully delivered in Ryde Environment. This equipment has applied Ryde Environment's patent technology and will be put into operation in local large-scale municipal projects in early 2019.

  • Oct
    A Magic Sludge Dehydrator: Screw type sludge dehydrator

    Dewatering removes water from sludge making it easier to handle and less expensive to transport, to compost, to incinerate or to dispose of in a landfill. the main types of sewage dehydrator are screw type sludge dehydrator, belt filter press, gravity belt thickener, and so on. Here we introduce you some main advantages of the Screw type sludge dehydrator.

  • Sep
    Screw type sludge dehydrator in Pharmaceutical Industry

    With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical waste water has become one of the important sources of pollution. It is a good choice to use screw type sludge dehydrator to treat pharmaceutical sludge.


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