DJY Type Manual Polymer Dosing System
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DJY Type Manual Polymer Dosing System

This Manual Polymer Dosing System integrates online sensors, intelligent control instruments, metering pumps, back pressure valves, pressure relief valves, pulse dampers, special chemical containers and related accessories.
  • DJY

  • RYDE-ENV ( Ryde Environment )


Product Description

The powder enters the solution tank through a specially designed injection port, adds high viscosity polymer to the diluted water, and is mixed and hydrated through a mixer. From there, the solution can be pumped and injected into the treatment process.

Manual Polymer Dosing System-Ryde env-structure

Manual Polymer Dosing System-Ryde env-material


● Manual feeding, suitable for occasions with small dosage and presence of staff.

● Easy manual feeding and easy installation.

● The tank, polymer dosing pump, electric control panel and pipe fittings are integrated on the frame body, with compact structure and convenient installation and transportation.

● Tank body materials: stainless steel 304 or 316L, polyethylene PE, FRP, etc.

Model Selection

Manual Polymer Dosing System-Ryde env-Model selection


★ Yangzhou Ryde keeps the rigfht to optimize and change the parameters.

★ For detailed product information, you can contact us directly.


● Polymer preparation for sludge conditioning.

● Preparation of aluminium sulphate for precipitation processes.

● Preparation of other agents: citric acid, sodium carbonate, disinfectant, etc.

Manual Polymer Dosing System-Ryde env-Application




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