GTF500 Type Automated Polymer Dosing System
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GTF500 Type Automated Polymer Dosing System

The Automated Polymer Dosing System is a auxiliary auto-equipment, which can prepare and throw polymer solution continually. It can complete the chemical combination and mixing of the polymer continually and efficiently in order to obtain homogeneous and activated solutions.
  • GTF500

  • RYDE-ENV (Ryde Environment)


Technical Specification

PAM Dosaga (kg/h)0.5-2KG/hCapacity (L/h)

500L/h Curing for an hour

Power of Powder feeding motor0.18kw
Power of Mixers0.75KW (380V 50Hz 3P) x2
Electric heating power


Dosing water inflow0.5 m3/h
Pressure of Water inlet0.2-0.3MPaTotal Power1.7KW
Detailed list of pipeline connection
Pipe port for water inletDN25Pipe port for polymer outletDN25
Pipe port for ventDN25Pipe port for overflowDN25
Main material list
TankSS304Dry powder feeder
System pipeline fittingsBrass / UPVCMixers
Liquid level meter

SS304  Brand: OMRON

Dry powder anti condensation

heating and insulation device
All fastenersSS304Brand of Motor&ReducerChinese famous brand

Electric control cabinet material

SS304Electrical componentsCHNT

1. The electronic control system can be customized according to customers'requirements. 

    It can add PLC and communication module.

2. For detailed information and drawings, please contact our engineer.

Product Description

Full automatic operation with automatic polymer dosing , dissolving, and feeding.

The high precision transporting of dry polymer dosing device, and the well designed heater device can prevent the polymer from caking.

Dry polymer dosage and water inlet can be adjustable. The concentration of the polymer can be reached and produced according to your request, the equipment electric control panel can control all of the dosing process, this machine will alarm the operator to feed polymer when the polymer reaches a low level.

Automated Polymer Dosing System-Ryde env-structure


● Savings in polymer consumption achieved by fully unfolding the polymer chains

● Reduced power consumption from energy-efficient drives

● Simple, minimal operator input

● Long service life and low maintenance costs from using high quality components

Model Selection

Automated Polymer Dosing System-Ryde env-model selection

Note: Yangzhou Ryde keeps the rigfht to optimize and change the parameters.

          For detailed product information, you can contact us directly.


● Polymer preparation for sludge conditioning

● Preparation of aluminium sulphate for precipitation processes

Automated Polymer Dosing System-Ryde env-appliacation




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