Horizontal Shaft-less Screw Conveyor for Wastewater And Sludge Treatment
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Horizontal Shaft-less Screw Conveyor for Wastewater And Sludge Treatment

This type of Shaft-less Screw Conveyor made by RYDE-ENV ( Ryde Environment ) is used for conveying solid powder, screen sediment, sludge cake etc in the sewage treatment project.
  • WLS260
  • RYDE-ENV ( Ryde Environment )

Product Description

Screw conveyor, which is designed according to standard of JB/T679-95 screw conveyor. 

The machine features high reliability, long lifetime, good applicability, convenience to install and maintain. 

The temperature of materials can reach up to 100°C, the biggest dip angle can be up to 45°.

The Shaft-less Screw Conveyor is a conveyor device, which utilizes the rotation of the helical axis in the U-groove to achieve the delivery of materials.

Also they can be used to density and conveying substances in other fields such as waste water sludge, coal, foodstuff, marl, flow­line production and baggage to substitute manual carry.

shaft-less screw conveyor


  • Fully automatic electric protection can be co-controlled with Bar Rack Cleaner

  • Compact in structure,convenient installation with expansion bolts

  • Using wear-resisting materiel bars in trough, its examining and repairing is convenient

  • Closed running make the noise low and surroundings better

  • Its length , angle and discharging hopper can be manufactured according to customers requirements

  • The spiral blades are made of stainless steel and have big strength and good resistant to corrosion.

Technical Model Data

shaft-less screw conveyor catalog


1. The power in the table is corresponding to: L=6 M, Moisture of the sludge medium is 80%;

2. The installation angle is referring to the angle between spiral axis and ground.


If you need other models or customizations, please contact us. 

We will arrange for professional engineers to contact you.




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