JZL Type Microscreen Drum Filter
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JZL Type Microscreen Drum Filter

Microscreen Drum Filter is a kind of precision filtration equipment that uses gravity or pressure difference to make the suspension pass through a certain porous medium, intercept the solid suspension in the suspension, and realize the effective separation of solid and liquid in the suspension.
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  • RYDE-ENV ( Ryde Environment )

Product Description

Microscreen Drum Filter is mainly composed of box, filter system, drive system, backwash system, automatic control system, etc.

The precision bone-strengthening filter is a continuous filtration equipment. 

The raw water (sewage) flows into the filter drum through the water inlet through the water inlet. 

The liquid level sensor will send a signal to start the drive system to drive the filter drum to move, and at the same time start the backwash pump. 

After the raw water (sewage) is filtered through a high-strength stainless steel filter by gravity or pressure difference, the solid suspended matter in the raw water (sewage) is trapped inside the filter. 

The backwash pump pumps the filtered effluent, and sprays the high-pressure umbrella-shaped water column through the nozzle located on the top of the filter drum. 

The filter is washed from the outside to the inside of the filter to remove the solid suspended solids accumulated on the inner surface of the filter, and wash it down. 

The fine particulate matter is collected by the flushing water collection tank inside the filter drum and discharged from the equipment through the sewage pipe. 

When no water passes through the equipment, the equipment will automatically stop.



● The filter screen is made of 316L stainless steel, with corrosion resistance, high strength and long service life. The equipment can operate normally when the inlet SS is not higher than 40mg/l.

● The filter screen is assembled by independent mesh pieces, which can be disassembled independently, and the installation and maintenance are simple and convenient.

● The treatment effect is excellent, and the effluent quality is good and stable, which is especially suitable for water quality upgrading and reconstruction projects.

● It can realize 24-hour continuous filtration. Flushing and filtration do not affect each other.

● Impurities are not easy to accumulate on the filter screen. Backwashing high-pressure water can easily remove magazines. The water used is from the filtered water, and the water consumption is 0.3% of the treated water, which is far lower than the water consumption of other similar filters of 3%-5%.

● The head loss is small, generally not more than 0.3m, and the operation energy consumption is low.

● The operation is fully automated and equipped with multiple protections, so there is no need for special personnel to operate and manage daily.

Model Selection

Microscreen Drum Filter-Ryde env-model


★ Yangzhou Ryde keeps the right to optimize and change the parameters.

★ For detailed product information, you can contact us directly.


The Microsreen Drum Filter is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, textile printing and dyeing, electroplating, medicine, food and other industries.

Mainly used in:

● Advanced treatment and upgrading of municipal sewage

● Recovery and recycling of water resources

● Pretreatment of city water

● Recovery and utilization of solid suspension after solid-liquid separation

Microscreen Drum Filter-Ryde env-application




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