Screw type sludge dehydrator in Pharmaceutical Industry
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Screw type sludge dehydrator in Pharmaceutical Industry

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With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical waste water has become one of the important sources of pollution. 

Pharmaceutical Industry

The waste water produced by pharmaceutical companies is mostly organic substances with complex structure and toxicity. At the same time, the pharmaceutical waste water is also obviously acidic and alkaline. And some of the waste water contains excessive salt, which causing serious pollution to water body.

General situation of pharmaceutical sludge

The pharmaceutical sludge produced during the treatment of pharmaceutical waste water still has high toxic substances. It has many types, high concentration and poor stability. If it is not handled in time, it will cause serious environmental pollution. Because the pharmaceutical sludge particles are small. They are colloidal with small specific weight, high moisture content and high toxicity, which is difficult to be treated by conventional solid-liquid separation equipment.


General situation of screw type sludge dehydrator

Screw type sludge dehydrator is a new type of sludge treatment equipment. Compared to other sludge dewatering equipment, it has the following advantages:

1. It is applicable to a wide range, with a minimum sludge concentration of 5000mg/L that can be dehydrated.

2. It can handle sludge with higher viscosity.

3. It has no secondary pollution, and the moving ring and fixed ring have a self-cleaning function and won’t cause clogging problems.

4. It is easy to be operated and can be fully automated.


Innovation and characteristics of screw type sludge dehydrator in pharmaceutical sludge dewatering

In view of the characteristics of pharmaceutical sludge, we has optimized the design as follows:

1. Developing a new inorganic special screw shaft;

2. Adopting new configuration of rings to reduce the ring gap;

3. Using different treatment processes;

4. Using a fully sealed design to make the site environment cleaner;

5. Using anti-corrosion materials for longer life.


Application cases in pharmaceutical industry

Sanjiu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the largest production base of Chinese patent medicine preparation. The waste water of this project is mainly production waste water and sewage waste water. After being treated by the waste water treatment station, it entered district wastewater treatment plant. The construction scale of the station is 2200 cubic meters per day. And the initial total amount is about 815.23 cubic meters per day.

This project used Screw type sludge dehydrator RDL302 from Ryde Environment. The equipment has been running well since it passed installation and debugging. The equipment runs automatically 24 hours a day, reducing the maintenance intensity of personnel. It adopts a fully sealed design to avoid harm to human body on the site of sludge treatment project.

screw type sludge dehydrator


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