Small Scale Volute Screw Press for Water Treatment Sludge Dewatering
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Small Scale Volute Screw Press for Water Treatment Sludge Dewatering

This type small scale volute screw press is suitable for small sewage treatment plants to dewatering water treatment sludge. It covers a small area and saves space cost.

  • RDL131
  • RYDE-ENV (Ryde Environment)

Technical Specification

TypeRDL131Dry Sludge(DS) treating capacity10-14kg/h
Solid content10000-50000mg/LOutput sludge moisture content75-85%
Power supply

According to customer's requirement

Motor protection levelIP55 F
Net weight250kgOperating weight395kg
Dimension2000mm(Length)×785mm(Width) ×1040mm(Height)
Energy consumption of the whole machine
Power consumption0.36kw

Water consumption28L/hWater supply pressure0.1-0.2MPa
Flocculant consumption 2-8g-PAM/kg-DS, when the concentration of PAM is 0.1-0.2%
(PAM means Polyacrylamide)
Detailed list of pipeline connection
Pipe port for sludge inletDN50    Flange Connection  PN1.0Mpa JB/T81-94
Pipe port for filtrate outletDN80  Flange Connection  PN1.0Mpa JB/T81-94
Pipe port for return flowDN80  Flange Connection  PN1.0Mpa JB/T81-94
Pipe port for sewage outlet of mixing tankDN40    Flange Connection  PN1.0Mpa JB/T81-94
Pipe port for flushing water inletDN15    Internal Thread Connection G3/4"
Pipe port for polymer inletDN20    External Thread Connection G1"
Screw bodySS304/SS316/SS2205
Mixing tankSS304/SS316/SS2205
Electric control panelSS304/SS316

1. The electronic control system can be customized according to customers'requirements. 

    It can add PLC and communication module.

2. For detailed information and drawings, please contact our engineer.

Product Description

Volute Screw Press which uses the screw extrusion principle is a new type of solid-liquid separation device. 

It reaches the goal of extrusion dewatering sludge by the powerful extrusion pressure of changing the screw diameter and distance, and the tiny spacing between moveable annular plates and fixed annular plates.



Sludge will be transported to the dewatering department after being thickened in the thickening department. 

In the advancing process, great pressure has been produced because of the gradually decreasing filter spacing and screw distance, and the back platen clogging. 

Then the volume decreases continously, and the purpose of fully dewatering will be achieved.



The main body of the Volute Screw Press is made of multiple fixed annular plates and moveable annular paltes with the screw shaft running through it.

The front part is thickening department and the ending part is dewatering department.

It can thicken and dewater sludge in one box, and has taken place of traditional filter clothes and centrifugal filtration method for its distinctive filter model.


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Product Details


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