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  • In recent years, the national environment protection department has gradually raised the discharge standards of wastewater. Some wastewater treatment plants need to be modified from existing water treatment structures. They have even added subsequent deep treatment processes to achieve the goal of meeting emissions or water reuse targets. Upgrading and reconstruction has become a more and more urgent requirement for wastewater treatment plants.

    In order to meet the increasingly strict requirements of domestic wastewater treatment standards, based on the existing product technology, we put forward the system solutions of urban wastewater treatment plants. It has achieved a more efficient improvement of the discharge standards at a lower cost of investment. This not only meets the level A standard in the Discharge standard of pollutants for municipal wastewater treatment plant, but also provides a forward-looking preparation for more strict discharge standards in the future.
    The solution of this system integrates various functions of physical intercepted suspended solids (SS), chemical micro-flocculation phosphorus removal (TP) and biological de-nitrification and nitrogen removal (TN). It has flexible and advanced technology, strong impact resistance and simple operation & maintenance. It is mainly applied to the upgrading and reconstruction of wastewater treatment plant and the reuse of water.

    Technological characteristics
    1. water sedimentation tank:
    Its technology breaks through all kinds of previous sedimentation tanks’ technology. It has a change of "quality" in streamlines, fluidity, water distribution mode, water collection mode and conditions of solid-liquid separation in the process of sedimentation. It can significantly improve the size of the tank, the covered area, the coordination with the front structures and the sedimentation efficiency.

    2.De-nitrification filter:
    In an eddy current mixer, the flow produces a strong eddy current that results in the differential mixing and mixing of chemicals, water and air. The flocculants was injected into the entrance of the raw water pipe which was near the reaction zone by a bypass injection pipe. Flocculants are injected at the maximum turbulence intensity of raw water flow, at which time it is most easy to mix with raw water rapidly.

  • Pectin waste water from fruit and vegetable processing industries, such as canning, mainly contains high concentration of pickling water, alkaline wash water and rinse water, low concentration of cleaning water of site and equipment. The pectin waste water generated during the processing of fruits and vegetables contains a large amount of pulp, clothing and meridian of fruits, which are dissolved into water to form a large amount of pectin and sugars, making the waste water have the characteristics of high organic content, high SS content and high BOD/COD. 

    The overall solution of the fruit and vegetable processing industry of RDL series is the industry overall solution, which is formed by targeted research and development based on the company's in-depth understanding of the fruit and vegetable processing industry and in-depth analysis of customer demands. The core of the process is to separate most pectin groups from the waste water before it enters the biochemical system, so as to solve the problems such as the heavy load of the waste water treatment in the biochemical process and the difficulty of treating a large amount of scum floating on the process tank. At the same time we provide customers with design, installation, debugging, construction, maintenance and other one-stop all-round services to achieve the turnkey projects. 

  • With the rapid growth of oilfield ground engineering construction projects, wastewater treatment system plays a very important role in the ground engineering construction, among which oily sludge treatment system is an indispensable part. 

    Oily sludge is generally composed of water-in-oil emulsion, oil-in-water emulsion and suspended solids. The particles of the oily sludge are fine and flocculated. It has small density difference with water, and has high water content and strong water holding capacity. In addition, due to the use of a large number of chemical agents in the wastewater treatment system, the composition of oily sludge is complex, the emulsification of sludge is serious, and the sludge is difficult to settle. And it is easy to corrupt, produce fetid smell, pollute the air, which causes great harm to the environment. Oily sludge has been included in the oily waste of national hazardous waste catalogue. The national law on promotion of clean production and the law on prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste also require harmless and resourceful treatment of oily sludge. Along with the increasingly strict requirements of environmental protection, the harmlessness, reduction and recycling of oily sludge have become an inevitable development trend. And sludge dewatering is the premise of the final disposal of sludge.

    At present, the common mechanical dewatering equipment of oily sludge includes frame filter press, belt filter press, centrifuge dewatering press and multi plate screw press. The frame filter press is easy to clog, and is complicated in maintenance with peculiar smell and noise, which runs intermittently and requires large amount of flushing water. Centrifuge dewatering press has high power consumption and cost. Belt filter press is not suitable for high-oil sludge. Filter cloth is easy to clog and run deviated, which is difficult to continuously operate and is complicated in maintenance with peculiar smell, and also requires larger amount of flushing water. The multi plate screw press integrates the concentration and dehydration of sludge. It can realize the functions of self-cleaning, non-clogging, non-odor, small flushing water, low power consumption, simple operation & maintenance, continuous operation. It is the best choice to treat oily sludge.

    RDL series of oily sludge and solid-liquid separator
    We specially introduce the RDL series of oily sludge and solid-liquid separator, which is optimized and improved on the basis of the multi plate screw press. It has the following technical advantages.
    1.The filter body adopts lengthened special shaft of oily sludge, which can meet the efficient dehydration of a variety of oily sludge (containing high temperature material of 100 ℃).
    2.The screw shaft adopts surfacing welding super wear-resistant hard alloy material, which is processed into shape through 6 processes.
    3.It adopts the multi-point special design of the flocculation dosing tank of oily sludge. And the dosage is low, which overcomes the problems of difficult flocculation and easy settlement of petrochemical sludge.
    4.It uses the strengthened driving system, which meets the requirement of larger driving force of oily sludge.
    5.The moving rings and fixed rings are made of higher anticorrosive materials, which is suitable for the operation environment of high concentration of chloride ion in petrochemical industry.
    6.The explosion protection level of the equipment can reach EXDIIBT4, which satisfies the requirement of strict explosion-proof in petrochemical industry.
    7.The equipment has a good self-cleaning function, which can avoid the blockage of high-viscosity sludge in conventional equipment.
    8.It can be used as a vehicular sludge pretreatment system for multiple oil extraction points, which is convenient for short-term usage in different places.
    9.It has small footprint, light weight, simple construction and few system equipment.

    The system solution of multi plate screw oily sludge and solid-liquid separation
    1.The oily sludge extraction from crude oil
    2.Oily sludge of petrochemical wastewater treatment plants
    3.Centralized output and processing of oilfield

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