ZG600 Type Rotary Drum Screen
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ZG600 Type Rotary Drum Screen

Rotary Drum Screen is is widely applied for wastewater treatment projects such as urban wastewater, industry wastewater, food process Industry, paper Industry and so on.
  • ZG600

  • RYDE-ENV ( Ryde Environment )


Technical Specification

TypeZG600Treating Capacity80-250 m3/h
Grid gap0.5-5.0mm
Drum diameter600mm
Applicable canal width700mm

Energy consumption of the whole machine
Power consumption0.75kw

Water consumption2.5m3/h
Water supply pressure0.5Mpa
Detailed list of pipeline connection
Pipe port for flushingDN25, G1 "external thread connection
Main materialSS304System pipeline accessories
Combination of brass and stainless steel
Spray nozzleSS304All fastenersSS304
Electric control panel

Configuration and brand
Motor and reducerChinese famous brandElectrical componentsChinese famous brand

1. The electronic control system, configuration and brand can be customized according to customers'requirements. 

2. For detailed information and drawings, please contact our engineer.

Product Description

Rotary Drum Screen made by Yangzhou Ryde Environemntal Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is widely applied for wastewater treatment projects such as urban wastewater, industry wastewater, food process Industry, paper Industry and so on. This equipment can clean scum, shot fiber, and suspended matter from the water intake, and then discharge them after dewatering. It can be used for wastewater treatment engineering such as high precision process, small grid gap and low depth of canal.

The Rotary Drum Screen has four functions such as intercepting dregs, getting rid of dregs, spiral lifting and pressing dewatering. 

It is mounted in the canal with the angles of 35 degrees, and the wastewater flows into the drum from the port of the drum. 

The water flows out from the side of the drum, and the grid can intercept the dregs. 

Then the drum moves at a fixed speed, and the nylon brush and flush water spray nozzle above the drum can get rid of dregs and export them through spiral lifting. 

Dregs by dewatering and pressing will be delivered to the container or the transportation equipment. The whole process is clear and no smell.

Rotary drum screen-Ryde-env-drawing


  • Low hydraulic loss, high efficiency. and large processing capacity.

  • Whole stainless steel structure, convenient in maintenance and long service life.

  • The working device of the equipment can do the clean itself.

  • Low hydraulic loss, high efficiency and large processing capacity.

Model Selection



★ The actual capacoty is related to factors such as the amount of grid slag and head loss, so the allowance should be considered when selecting the type.

★ Yangzhou Ryde keeps the rigfht to optimize and change the parameters.

★ For detailed product information, you can contact us directly.






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