ZL350×600 Type Rotary Drum Filter
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ZL350×600 Type Rotary Drum Filter

External rotary drum screen is one of the pretreatment solid-liquid separating devices used for small and medium wastewater treatment plants.
  • ZL350×600

  • RYDE-ENV ( Ryde Environment )


Technical Specification

TypeZL350×600Treating Capacity8-42 m3/h
Grid gap0.25-2.5mm
Drum dimensionφ350×600
Dimension1130mm (Length)×820mm (Width)×1100mm (Height)
Energy consumption of the whole machine
Power consumption0.25kw

Water consumption1.0m3/h
Water supply pressure0.5Mpa
Detailed list of pipeline connection
Pipe port for water inletDN100 Flange Connection  PN1.0Mpa JB/T81-94
Pipe port for water outletDN125 Flange Connection  PN1.0Mpa JB/T81-94
Pipe port for ventDN32 Flange Connection  PN1.0Mpa JB/T81-94
Pipe port for overflowDN80 Flange Connection  PN1.0Mpa JB/T81-94
Pipe port for flushing water inletDN15 External thread connection G1/2 "
Main materialSS304Scraper
PP or nylon with brass
Spray nozzleSS304System pipeline accessories
Combination of brass and stainless steel
Gas springSS304Electric control panel
All fastenersSS304

Configuration and brand
Motor and reducerChinese famous brandBearingNSK
Electrical componentsChinese famous brand


1. The electronic control system, configuration and brand can be customized according to customers'requirements. 

2. For detailed information and drawings, please contact our engineer.

Product Description

The Rotary Drum Filter made by Yangzhou Ryde Environment is one of the pre-treatment solid separating devices used for small and medium wastewater treatment plants, and a device which can remove solid suspended matter continuously and effectively..

The drum does the rotary movement by the driving device, and the sewage is moved from the inlet pipe into the filtrate tank, then flow out. 

The solid materials are intercepted by screen,and the water is drained out into the pool from the gap of the screen. The cylinder continuously rotates,and the solid substances attached to the outer wall of the screen quickly peel off from the drum.The backwashing system is composed of a flushing line and nozzles. 

The high pressure water is sprayed through the nozzles, and the solid objects attached to the sieve is flushed out quickly.The filtration is continuous and non clogged. 

The external rotary drum screen has the characteristics of high efficiency, large throughput and fine filtration.


1 Water Storage Tank 2 Frame
3 Drum 4
Slag Board
Inspection Door
6 Motor and Reducer
7 Flushing water Inlet


  • Simple structure, high reliability.

  • Compact structure, small convring ares.

  • The surface of the drum is made of wedge grid and has excellent hydraulic characteristics.

Model Selection



★ When the rotary drum filter model with grid gap greater than 1mm is selected, the inlet and outlet pipe diameter needs to be checked.

★ Yangzhou Ryde keeps the rigfht to optimize and change the parameters.

★ For detailed product information, you can contact us directly.


Water separation treatment of waste water in these industries :

● Paper Mills

● Food Industry

● Chemical Industry

● Slaughterhouse

● Municipal

Rotary Drum Filter-application




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