ZPG Type Rotary Fiber Disc Filter
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ZPG Type Rotary Fiber Disc Filter

Rotary Fiber Disc Filter has the function of filtering raw water and automatically cleaning and draining the filter element, And the system provides uninterrupted water supply during cleaning and drainage, can monitor the working status of the filter, and the degree of automation is very high.
  • ZPG
  • RYDE-ENV ( Ryde Environment )

Product Description

Rotary Fiber Disc Filter is mainly composed of a central drum, a filter rotating disc, a backwash and mud discharge system, pump valve pipeline components, control systems,transmission devices, etc.

Raw water enters center drum through center water inlet pipe and then enters the filter disk fixed around the drum through the holes at the center drum. 

The two sides of filter disk are installed with filter cloth woven by stainless steel wire or polyester filament. 

Raw water becomes clean water and flows out of filter disk after filtration by cloth and discharges from effluent weir. With the process of filtration, impurities in the inner side of filter cloth increase and the clean water which flows from the filter disk decreases gradually. 

Water level in the disk increases. 

When the liquid level reaches the set value inside the filter disk, the drum starts to rotate and when the high-pressure water provided by reverse flushing device washes the filter disk surface, impurities will fall into the sewage collection trough fixed in the filter and then enter dredge pipe for discharge. 

With the progress of washing, water level inside the disk reduces continuously. 

When it reaches at the set liquid level, reverse flushing will stop automatically and drum will stop rotating. The system then reenters static filtration process.

Reverse-flushing stage will not influence operation of equipment. Filter will operate by continuous water inflow, step-by-step reverse flushing and continuous water outflow.

Rotary Fiber Disc Filter-Ryde-env-structure

Operation Performance

Rotary Fiber Disc Filter-ryde-env-operation performance 1

Rotary Fiber Disc Filter-ryde-env-operation performance 2

Rotary Fiber Disc Filter-ryde-env-operation performance 3


● The treatment effect is good, and the effluent quality is good and stable, which is especially suitable for water quality upgrading and reconstruction projects.

● Simple and compact equipment, less auxiliary equipment and low investment.

● It can realize 24-hour continuous filtration, low idle rate, low total assembly power and low operation cost.

● Modular design, automatic operation, flexible installation and configuration, simple and convenient operation and maintenance.

● Novel design, washing load resistance, long service life of filter disc and filter cloth.

● The head loss is small, generally no more than 0.3m, which greatly reduces energy consumption and operation cost.

Small floor area, short design cycle and construction cycle.

Rotary Fiber Disc Filter-ryde-env-advantages

Model Selection

Rotary Fiber Disc Filter-ryde-env-model selection1

Rotary Fiber Disc Filter-ryde-env-model selection2


★ ZPG model indicates that the pool is made of concrete.

★ ZPGX model indicates that the pool is made of steel.

★ Yangzhou Ryde keeps the right to optimize and change the parameters.

★ For detailed product information, you can contact us directly.


Rotary Fiber Disc Filter is a new type of water treatment filtration equipment. It is a high-efficiency treatment unit for removing SS in the advanced sewage treatment process.

Mainly used in:

● It is installed after the conventional activated sludge method, delayed aeration method, SBR system, oxidation ditch system and other processes, combined with dosing and intensified deepening reaction to meet the requirements of total suspended solids removal, turbidity and phosphorus removal.

● Advanced treatment of sewage to realize the reuse of middle water.

● The evolution of surface water, combined with other technologies to purify the surface water and reuse it as cooling water and boiler water.

● Upgrading new sewage plants and old plants, especially suitable for occasions where the site is first.

Rotary Fiber Disc Filter-ryde-env-application




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